Ribraft Flooring

Ribraft floor under construction

RibRaft Flooring Solutions

Barnett Construction are recommended installers of RibRaft Flooring in the top of the South Island.

The Firth Ribraft system is one of New Zealand’s fastest growing residential and light commercial flooring solutions. The RibRaft system is an innovative method of concrete floor construction, offering an insulated floor with a quick, practical and efficient construction method. It provides high strength and durability as well as saving time. The system uses polystyrene pods, steel reinforcing rods, plastic spacers and RaftMix concrete. Each of the components simply fit together, dramatically reducing labour and time. Compared to traditional flooring construction RibRaft offers a number of significant benefits.

Time Saving

With the RibRaft system the need to dig trenches for footings is eliminated allowing substantial reductions in time and labour. The need for extra sub-trades is emliminated. With construction occurring above ground and components not affected by rain, work can often continue even during wet weather.

Energy Efficient

The insulation benefits (R value) of the RibRaft floor provides excellent thermal efficiency. Also where infloor heating is used the polystyrene pods ensure that the ratio of Rin to Rout is less than the maximum required value of 0.1.

Increased Strength

The raft design offers significantly increased strength and resistance to cracking allowing the system to be built on soils with a minimum bearing pressure of 50kPa. A reinforced concrete perimeter beam and reinforced concrete ribs over the floor area, results in a slab of immense strength.

Reduced Spoil

As the floor is ‘on ground’ not ‘in ground’ the amount of excavated material on your construction site is greatly reduced.